Vol. 13, No. 1 (2002)

Hideo Takemoto and Atsushi Uchiyama: A remark of the numericalranges of operators on Hilbert spaces, 1-

Fumihiko Kimura: Some spectral properties of analytic elementary operators, 9-

Yoshinori Matsuura, Shinnosuke Oharu and Duncan Tebbs: On a class of reaction-diffusion systems describing bone remodelling phenomena, 17-

Fumio Narita: Weyl normal connections of Weyl submanifolds, 33-

Takashi Yoshino: The structure of norm-achieved Toeplitz and Hankel operators, 43-

Tatsuo Konno: Unit tangent bundle over two-dimensional real projective space, 57-

Ilham Eli and Niro Yanagihara: Transcendental entire solution of some q-difference equation, 67-

Nobuhiro Innami: Geometry of geodesics for convex billiards and circular billiards, 73-