Vol. 15, No. 1 (2004)

K. Balachandran and E.R.Anandhi: Boundary controllability of neutral integrodifferential systems in Banach spaces 1-13

Makoto Sakaki: Two classes of Lorentzian stationary surfaces in semi-Riemannian space forms 15-22

Kenji Kimura: Existence results for cone saddle points by using vector variational-like inequalities 23-32

Yaowen Li and Xiaoli Chao: Pinching theorems of pseudo-umbilical submanifolds 33-43

R. Kajikiya, S. Oharu and D. Tebbs: On the semigroup approach to a class of space-dependent porous medium systems 45-73

Takahiro Sudo The solvable structure of the C*-algebras of certain successive semi-direct products 75-91

Qihui Li: Commutators of orthogonal projections 93-99

Xiumei Liu and Guoxing Ji: Some properties of the generalized Aluthge transform 101-107