Vol. 15, No. 2 (2004)

Kazushi Komatsu, Kentaro Nomakuchi, Kuniko Sakamoto and Takashi Tokitou: Representation of Ammann-Beenker tilings by an automaton 109-118

Kazushi Komatsu and Kuniko Sakamoto: Isomorphism classes of quasiperiodic tilings by the projection method 119-126

Hideo Kojima: Notes on minimal normal compactifications of C2/G 127-136

Nobuya Watanabe: Growth sequences for flat diffeomorphisms of the interval 137-140

Takahiro Sudo: K-theory of continuous fields of quantum tori 141-152

Byung Keun Sohn: Some linear functional and Fourier transform over K'e,k 153-168

Richard S. Lemence: On Four-dimensional generalized complex space forms 169-176