Vol. 16, No. 1 (2005)

Takashi Nitta and Tomoko Okada: Poisson summation formula for the space of functionals 1-21

Saichi Izumino and Masahiro Nakamura: An extension of Kantorovich inequality 23-29

Sei-ichro Ueki: Weighted composition operators between weighted Bergmann spaces in the unit Cn 31-48

Masuo Itoh: On some EP operators 49-56

Takeshi Takahashi: Non-smooth Galois point on a quintic curve with one singular point 57-66

Ken Yokumoto: An example of a totally geodesic foliation which is perpendicular to a certain non-singular Killing field on an arbitrary three-dimensional Lorentzian lens space 67-76

Takahiro Hasegawa: On the number of places of function fields and congruence zeta functions 77-84